The Campaign for the Humanities: Excellence, innovation, and access for future generations

For more than 40 years, New Hampshire Humanities has provided opportunities for tens of thousands of Granite Staters to cultivate their curiosity, connect across cultures, and examine their beliefs and values. We’ve brought people together for face-to-face conversations about ideas that matter. And we’ve invited people to practice the skills of citizenship – to listen respectfully and engage thoughtfully with their neighbors.

It is now time for us to chart a course that will ensure that the good effects of the humanities remain accessible to all New Hampshire residents long into the future. The board and staff recently unveiled The Campaign for the Humanities, a $3.2 million plan that will fund new ventures in programming and communications, increase autonomy by reducing dependence on federal funding, and establish the Humanities Hub, a center for innovation and collaboration.

Can you imagine a more critical time to engage in respectful conversation? To wrestle with the complex choices that we face? To come out from behind our screens for authentic interactions with our neighbors? That’s what the programs of New Hampshire Humanities make possible, and you can help them continue.

Thanks to our early supporters, we have already raised over $2 million toward our $3.2 million goal! We invite you to join these dedicated friends so that, together, we will strengthen the civic fabric of our communities for generations to come.

Take a look at what our supporters and participants are saying about the impact of New Hampshire Humanities, in our exciting new video.

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