In 1837, teenaged Victoria ascended to the British throne, untrained and innocent. Those who would try to usurp her power underestimated this self-willed intelligent young woman whose mettle sustained her through her 63-year reign. Using Queen Victoria's diary and letters, this program reveals the personal details of a powerful yet humane woman, who took seriously her role as monarch in a time of great expansion. She and her husband, Albert, set an example of high moral character and dedication, a novelty in the royal house after generations of scandal. Through her children she left a royal legacy; an era bears her name. Sally Mummey performs this living history in proper 19th century clothing resplendent with Royal Orders.  PLEASE NOTE: that living history presenters may charge up to $125 extra for their programs. This additional cost is the responsibility of the host organization, not New Hampshire Humanities. Ask the presenter about additional costs for their program at the time of booking. 

For more than twenty years Sally Mummey has brought First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln to life for hundreds of audiences throughout the eastern U.S. Using storytelling and a good dash of humor, she engages audiences of all ages in dynamic, interactive, first-person portrayals. Mummey’s passion for the history of the 19th century has led to extensive research into powerful and prominent women in a male-dominated society. Her interest in Queen Victoria was sparked when she read letters between the Queen and Mrs. Lincoln, which revealed striking parallels in their lives. Mummey is an award-winning lifetime member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. She is also a member of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, the Society of Europe, the Victorian Society, and the Surratt Society, as well as Solo Together, a New England-based organization of re-enactors who portray political figures from 19th- and 20th- century America.